What We Do

C-U at Home provides support to our homeless neighbors in several tangible ways.

Homelessness is a complex issue with no one-size-fits-all solution. We provide shelter, acceptance, love, and community. We connect people with the assistance they need to move forward, and we walk beside them on their journey. We educate the community about homelessness, and we advocate for more robust resources to better address the needs of the population we serve.

Men’s Shelter

With space for 48 individuals, C-U Men’s Shelter provides beds, snacks, and hope.

C-U Men’s Shelter, originally seasonal, began year-round operations on October 31, 2019 through the help of generous donors and community partners. Residents receive linens, snacks, and wrap-around case management services. Many help around the facility… read more

Austin’s Place Women’s Shelter

Twelve beds in a dorm-style setting provide warmth and community for women.

Austin’s Place Women’s Shelter officially became a part of C-U at Home in June 2020. Our staff provide women with a safe and healthy space and guide residents toward local services and opportunities for work and housing. Austin’s Place is open 365 nights a year… read more


We have four stand-alone houses for people ready for a more independent shelter solution.

Since its inception, C-U at Home has provided a supportive environment through transitional housing for individuals coming out of substance abuse recovery programs and incarceration. We operate a two-bed men’s recovery residence called Alchemy House, a partnership… read more

Phoenix Daytime Drop-In Center

Open M-F 12-5pm, the Phoenix Center is our resource and community hub.

The Phoenix provides a space where anyone without a home can drop in during the day to get out of the weather, access resources, or simply enjoy the company of others. It is a place where volunteers from the community can connect with the individuals we serve… read more

C-U at Work

Champaign Township and Park District partner with us to provide jobs for our residents.

Our C-U at Work program began in August 2018 with a simple idea: give those in need the opportunity to earn an income by serving their community. It has since provided work and a ray of hope to over 100 men and women staying in our shelters. Since Spring 2020, C-U at Work has blossomed… read more

Case Management

Our full time case managers meet one-on-one with residents to help them move forward.

Shelter is a good start, but most people struggling with homelessness have underlying trauma that keeps them in a downward spiral. They need wrap-around guidance to start to work on the issues preventing their progress. Our case management team… read more

Education and Advocacy

Our services are not enough. We work to educate and mobilize the larger community.

Homelessness is a community issue, and addressing the factors that contribute to homelessness requires community support. We advocate for our clients as they work with other agencies, and we speak at churches, schools, and other organizations to share our… read more

One Winter Night Event

An opportunity to develop empathy by stepping into the homeless experience.

Many people recognize us for our annual fundraising and education event called One Winter Night, in which people volunteer to raise money by sleeping outside in cardboard boxes on a cold Midwestern February night. While this experience is not a perfect representation of homelessness, it has… read more

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