Spread the Word

Tell Everyone You Know!

We want the whole community to know about One Winter Night 2023. Below are some ways you can help us get the word out.

Friday Facebook Challenge!

One of the hardships of homelessness is having to carry your belongings with you everywhere you go. On Fridays from now until Feb. 3, participants will be wearing 10-pound backpacks all day and posting about it on social media to raise money for C-U at Home. #OWN2023

Put up a yard sign!

We have yard signs that you can put up to tell your neighbors about One Winter Night. Let’s take over the community one block at a time!

Advertise One Winter Night on your church or business signage!

During the week of January 28—February 3, we are asking churches and businesses to use their signs to advertise our event. Electronic signs, changeable letter marquees—whatever you’ve got that can spread the word. Let’s work together to help the homeless!

Talk us up!

Tell your friends about One Winter Night. Encourage them to get involved. Do you know of a place where you can hang a flyer? Download ours and share!

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Help us provide resources and stability for individuals experiencing homelessness