Greetings, Friends of C-U at Home!

First, let me say thank you again to those of you who have prayed for us, supported us, and assisted us in our mission to serve individuals experiencing homelessness in our community. Because of you, they will have stability and a warm place to stay this winter. Your support helps us impact lives and help people along a pathway toward progress.

Secondly, I’d like to share some news with you.  As we recently communicated, C-U at Home has been working closely with the City of Champaign Township to determine how to best provide services for clients who are experiencing homelessness. A big part of that conversation is determining the right location for those services to be provided. Initially, it seemed best that our organization continue to provide services here 70 E. Washington. However, ongoing conversations with the Township, and our mutual desire to put clients’ needs first, have led us to reconsider this decision.

Our board, with input from our staff and our impact partners, has determined that clients will best be served by the sale of our 70 E. Washington building to the Township. With this move, C-U at Home will be shifting our services in ways that will allow us to provide 24/7 stability and support as part of a comprehensive shelter system in our community.

Some of these services will still be offered here at 70 E. Washington for this winter season. Our staff will have an opportunity to serve our men’s shelter clients in a part of the building that is already less congregate, which has been our goal. This space will allow clients to continue along the path toward stability and healing.

Some of these services will housed in a beautiful home in Champaign. This location will allow us to begin providing services to Austin’s Place women’s shelter clients in a welcoming environment that fosters healing from trauma while gaining life skills and continuing case management services. 

Finally, some of these services will be offered in a new office site. At this location, we will provide daytime programming for our clients. These programs will include life-skills groups, Bible studies, mental health support groups, peer-to-peer groups and more. 

More details on these locations will be forthcoming as arrangements are finalized. As we continue operations this winter, we are considering many long-term options to secure a space that best suits our core values and mission. Our hope is to find a space large enough to support all our needs, small enough to keep our staff and clients connected, and suited for the communal but non-congregate setting we are striving for.  Please pray for us as we move toward these goals. 

Please also keep One Winter Night 2023 (February 3-4) on your calendars and in your prayers. Be watching for more details about the event on November 18th. Thank you for being our partners as we continue to work toward our goal of seeing people experiencing homelessness find stability, wholeness, and transformation.

All the Best,

Melissa Courtwright

Executive Director, C-U at Home