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Taking One Winter Night into the Community

Since the inaugural One Winter Night event in 2011, C-U at Home and its supporters have taken over Downtown Champaign, raising funds, spreading awareness of our cause, and hosting educational talks about the issues surrounding homelessness in Champaign-Urbana.

This year, instead of concentrating the event in downtown Champaign, we want to develop a network of host sites to reach all of Champaign County. We are also expanding our empathy-building opportunities beyond our traditional box-dweller model, in order to be more inclusive and accessible to all kinds of people who want to be involved in helping our ministry. From children’s lessons and small group activities to guest speaker presentations and more, you can find a way to connect with C-U at Home.

As a host site, you can determine which activities best fit your audience and which fundraising methods will be most successful in your unique context. We will provide you with a kit to get you started, and you will provide the space and the volunteers to run your event, advertise it to your members in the way that works best for you, and collect donations for C-U at Home as a fundraising partner.

Homelessness is a community-wide issue, and we are counting on our community now more than ever to help us continue our mission of supporting and empowering individuals experiencing homelessness.

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Help us provide resources and stability for individuals experiencing homelessness