Provide a Meal

Food from the heart

Basic food preparation is one of the important life skills we help clients develop in our Pathways program. Still, it is always a great blessing to receive occasional donations of meals that residents can enjoy together or separately. Meals can be home-cooked or brought from restaurants as take-out.

Contact us to Donate a Dinner

Our men’s residence (in Urbana) and women’s residence (in Champaign) are staffed 24/7, but many of our clients work later shifts and are not always able to be present for group meals. To schedule a time to donate a dinner and receive drop-off information, email or call (217) 819-4569.

Dinner Donor FAQ:

How many people will be eating dinner?

Our men’s and women’s houses generally have 8 residents each, plus 1-2 staff members present. Please understand that every resident may not be present at the time of drop-off, but they will still appreciate your generosity as their schedules allow.

What time is dinner?

You can deliver the meal between 5 and 6 pm.

Where are the houses located?

The men’s residence is a few blocks west of downtown Urbana; the women’s residence is in west Champaign. We will provide the exact address when you schedule a day to drop off a meal.

Can I plan to stay and share the meal with residents?

We can try to accommodate this if given a week or more notice. Please understand that we have limited space for seating at the houses and that some residents may be unable to be present (or may not feel comfortable doing so).

Do I have to cook the meal?

No! Feel free to order a hot meal from a restaurant–we’re not picky!

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