C-U at Home has at its head an Executive Director governed by a Board of Directors. This board is made up of up to twelve individuals with the common goal to see to it that C-U at Home stays true to its mission of serving the most vulnerable in our community.

We seek to be an asset to our community according to what we feel God is calling us to be. We feel led to serve the most vulnerable homeless and those on the verge of becoming homeless. By individualizing our services to each person we serve, we are able to see stronger relationships grow and greater success be achieved.

Staff Members

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Aleta Keith Managing Director, aleta@cuathome.us
Rob Dalhaus Community Outreach and Development Director, rob@cuathome.us
Rick Williams Ministry Development Associate, rick@cuathome.us
Steven Harper Housing & Outreach Coordinator, steven@cuathome.us
John Parks Housing and Outreach Associate, john@cuathome.us
Susan McKee Administrative Associate, susan@cuathome.us
Chloe Hanson Operations Associate, chloe@cuathome.us
Thomas Welte C-U Men's Shelter Coordinator thomas@cuathome.us
Cedar King Case Manager, cedar@cuathome.us
Cheryl Lehman Phoenix Coordinator, cheryl@cuathome.us
Russell Mann Phoenix Assistant, russ@cuathome.us

Board Members

Maggie Johnson President
Mike Royse President Emeritus
Kim Simpson Vice President
Michelle Grindley Board Member
Dan Ditchfield Board Member
Kim Stanhope Board Member
Scott Williamson Board Member
Sheryl Palmer Board Member
Yolanda O'Connor Board Member