One of our primary goals in serving our friends without an address is making sure that we are connected to those who are in need "on the streets" who may not be using our resources. We want each individual to know that C-U at Home is here for them, not just to provide physical resources, but relationships. Many of the people we serve don't have friends or family to confide in. They are ignored and overlooked each day on the streets. It is part of our mission to love, accept, and listen to anyone that we come into contact with no matter what their circumstances may be.

To help with forming relationships, our dedicated staff members regularly visit local parks, downtown streets, other other locations frequented by our friends. This looks different depending on the day, week, or season. In the summer, this looks like passing out gatorade to those that are in the heat. As the months get cooler, they often go and make sure that anyone who is on the street knows what resources and local shelters are available for that evening.

Street outreach is a key part of our ministry. If you are interested in learning more about this, please call 217-888-0329.