Community. Relationship. Hope.

The Phoenix Daytime Drop-In Center is the centerpiece of our ministry, bringing our friends without an address together with our friends from the community. We are open from noon-5pm, Monday-Friday, and we welcome you to join us. Located at 70 E. Washington Street in Champaign, The Phoenix is a casual, welcoming space with a living room, computers, board games, musical instruments, and most importantly, companionship. We invite you to join us this week. You’re sure to make new friends while you learn more about the challenges and victories facing those who don’t have a bed to sleep in tonight.

We have the following services: shower, washer/dryer, internet/computer, phone, case management, local resources, and a job board.

Be a Friend at The Phoenix

Each day at The Phoenix, our friends from the community join us for a few hours and help out. Helping out looks a lot like just spending time with our friends without addresses. There are games and cards to play, in addition to musical instruments and art supplies. No special skills are required, though if you have a unique skill set that you are willing to share, this is an excellent way to figure out how to be of service.

So many of those that come in weekly have had life-changing experiences themselves just by talking and hanging out here in the center. We welcome and encourage you to come on in and join us for two hours a week or more.

No appointment or call is necessary to come in and visit, however, if you have more than five people, please let us know by calling 217-819-4569.

Emergency Warming and Cooling

If the weather becomes extremely hot or extremely cold, The Phoenix opens for emergency warming or cooling hours. The Phoenix normally opens from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. for these situations, but the hours may be different as it is decided on a case by case basis. 

As the winter season approaches, we welcome friends from the community to come and spend time with us before or after work hours. It is helpful to have friends that are willing to be "on call" for emergency warming hours. If this interests you, please contact us. We would love to have you join us!