Will you hold our friends hope in your hands?

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Join our Hope Givers Community by becoming a monthly donor!

  1. Give by Check - Please make your check payable to the C-U at Home, then mail your check to: C-U at Home, P.O. Box 8816, Champaign, IL 61826.
  2. Credit Card - Click here to make a recurring online donation securely.

When Amy came to our doors, we didn’t realize that it wasn’t just about saving one life, it was about saving three. Our staff got to know Amy as she sought help to break free from her heroin addiction. We were able to transport her to detox so that she could begin taking steps toward change. Amy was able to break away from her addiction while pregnant. She now has two beautiful healthy twin girls, leads a sober lifestyle, and is full of hope!

Hope is not a word we hear often at C-U at Home. There are so many of our friends without an address who have suffered through trauma and grapple with mental illness and substance abuse. Most come to our doors feeling hopeless and no longer have the ability to hold hope in their hearts.

We would like to invite you to join The Hope Givers, our support team that gives monthly recurring donations. We are looking for 600 new partners who will commit to an ongoing monthly donation of $40 or more to help us sustain year-round emergency shelter operations. C-U at Home is funded 100% by the community, we mean it. Our ministry does not receive a single dollar of state or federal funds. This is not done by accident but as a conscious and intentional effort to ensure our mission stays focused and our support stays local. A monthly gift of support to helps us bring relationships and hope to those most in need!

Would you consider temporarily holding our friends hope in your hands until they are ready to let that hope rise once again in their hearts?


Our staff and board of directors cannot thank you enough for your investment in C-U at Home. We appreciate your prayers as well as your gifts of time and financial support.