C-U at Home One Winter Night 2022 took place on February 4, 2022, in downtown Champaign, on the Quad at the University of Illinois, and at several other satellite locations. This was our eleventh time to hold this signature community event to raise awareness and funds to help the homeless in our community.

Box-dwelling participants spend the entire night, 6 pm to 6 am, outside in a cardboard refrigerator box. This simulation provides a firsthand experience of what it might be like to be homeless and have no resources available such as those provided by CU at Home. It is guaranteed to forever change your perspective on homelessness and our friends without an address!

We ask each participant to raise at least $1,000 for C-U at Home through sponsorships. You will receive a personal fundraising page to share with friends, family, co-workers, employers, or other business contacts. If you are a new participant, we will set the page up for you and send you a link to share with potential sponsors. If you have participated recently and remember your password, you should be able to activate your fundraising page for this year.

Our OWN 2022 event headquarters this year was again at The Venue CU at 51 E. Main Street in downtown Champaign.  The Venue acts as a staging area for participants and volunteers.  Local speakers and musicians are on stage throughout the night there as well.

Check out our FAQ's below and see what some of our previous box dwellers have said about their experience!


SIGN ME UP! I want to be a BOX DWELLER!

Box Dweller Resources


Do I need to bring my own box?

No, we provide all boxes!


What if I am not able to raise $1,000?

Have no fear! It is much easier to raise $1,000 than you might think. We equip you with a fundraising page, which allows you to share the cause with your friends and family via email or social media.

However, if for some reason you are not able to raise all of the funds, that's okay. We are thankful for your involvement and any amount of money you are able to raise. We even collect donations two weeks after the event itself to give you more time.


Can my kids participate with me?

Yes! In fact, one year we had eighteen kids that volunteered to be box dwellers with their parents!


What am I allowed to bring?

Please see the Box Dweller Handbook for more information on this. But the basics are this: you can dress in as many layers as you want and bring as many blankets and/or sleeping bags as you want. Personal heaters or other warming devices are not allowed (I mean come on, this is about the experience too!).

Fundraising Page Help

How do I create my fundraising page?

Once you sign up to be a Box Dweller, we will create your personal fundraising page for you and send you the link you will use to send out to potential donors.


Do you have any fundraising tips?


Is there a form I can use to ask a business to sponsor me as a box dweller?

Yes! You can use our Business Sponsorship Form. Have them fill it out and then send it back in to us!


How do I share my fundraising page to social media, send an email to friends, or manage other items?

View this awesome video on your Participant Fundraising Center that will show you how to do everything!


Access your Box Dweller Handbook here:

Click to access Box-Dweller-Handbook-2022_compressed.pdf

Box Dweller Testimonials