One Winter Night 2014



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Thank you for everyone who came out to support C-U at Home One Winter Night on Friday, February 21, in downtown Champaign. It was a powerful time for our community to come together and learn more about the issues surrounding homelessness. Your financial support for One Winter Night is the foundation for an entire year of funding for our ministry. The accounting books for C-U at Home One Winter Night will remain open until March 7, 2014. Please browse the list of participants below and donate on behalf of your favorite box dweller. Thank you for taking time to get involved. Together, we CAN make a difference!

About the Event

Believe it or not, on any given night, literally hundreds of people in Champaign County do not spend the night in their own home. Some sleep with friends. Others sleep in shelters. Some sleep in cars. And others sleep outside. The goal of C-U at Home One Winter Night is to raise awareness about those who are homeless, helping others realize that someday that could be me. C-U at Home is dedicated to supporting the most vulnerable homeless, those who are more likely to die early unless their circumstances change.

We are SO EXCITED for everything God has done through C-U at Home in the past year--developing our Phoenix Daytime Drop-In Center, adding 2 new transitional homes for a family and for single women, allowing us to take more than 50 people to other communities to get the help they need through our transportation ministry that uses our 2 donated vehicles, and adding some great new staff members. The majority of our annual budget is raised through C-U at Home One Winter Night.

One Winter Night will be held in the heart of downtown Champaign, centered around the corner of Neil St. and Main St., with over 100 people spending the night.


List of Participants

Each of these public service figures, community leaders, business leaders, business leaders, and academic leaders spent the night outside in a cardboard box on Friday, February 21. Each of these participants experienced just a small taste of what many of the homeless in our community face every single night. Would you consider supporting them with a tax deductible donation? Just click on the name to find out more.

Public Service






Your tax-deductible financial gift will enable us to reach out and support the homeless in our area. Our goal with C-U at Home One Winter Night is to raise enough money to house and support many additional residents from our community in 2014.

To Give via Credit Card

You can use a credit card to make a donation via PayPal. Thank you.

Note: You must type the name of the public figure you are supporting in the text box under Designation (Optional) for the funds to be attributed correctly.


To Give via Check

Please make your check payable to C-U at Home, and put the name of the public figure you are supporting on the memo line. Then mail your check to:

C-U at Home
PO Box 8816
Champaign, IL 61826

THANK YOU for helping the homeless!

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