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  1. Give by Check - Please make your check payable to the C-U at Home, then mail your check to: C-U at Home, P.O. Box 8816, Champaign, IL 61826.
  2. Credit Card - Click here to make an online donation securely.

When we say C-U at Home is funded 100% by the community, we mean it. Our ministry does not receive a single dollar of state or federal funds. This is not done by accident but as a conscious and intentional effort to ensure our mission stays focused and our support stays local. If a page you have visited or a story you have read has touched your heart, would you prayerfully consider donating to our ministry?

A monthly gift of support to helps us bring relationships and hope to those most in need! We pay our bills on a monthly basis just like you. Therefore, receiving regular monthly income is an important part of our annual budget. Would you join our team of support partners? 

If you are thinking about giving monthly to C-U at Home, consider this. The average American family spends roughly $3,000 per year ($250/month) on restaurant or take-out meals while our friends without an address sometimes go without. Would you consider taking a small percentage of that budgetary item and support the ministry of C-U at Home? No gift is too small; any amount that you choose to give will make a huge difference!

Our staff and board of directors cannot thank you enough for your investment in C-U at Home. We appreciate your prayers as well as your gifts of time and financial support.